We have a wonderful menu that includes Flat Breads, Sandwiches, and a sensational array of Cheeses and Charcuterie.

SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE DIP-Creamy homemade dip severed with French bread crostinis. ​7.00​                                                                 BRUSCHETTA- ​Fresh tomato, basil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil severed with crostinis. ​7.00​
FIGS WRAPPED IN PROSCIUTTO-​Freshly baked and then topped with Bleu cheese and walnuts. ​9.00​
BAKED BRIE-Brie and apples wrapped in a flaky pastry and baked to a golden brown, then topped with apricot jam and walnuts. ​10.00​
SHRIMP AND CHORIZO TAPAS-​Sauteed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil atop French bread crostinis. ​9.00                                          SCALLOPS WRAPPED IN BACON-Baked until delightfully crispy. ​9.00​
HUMMUS FRIES-Golden Gluten free Fries with choice of dipping sauce. ​9.00​

Flat Breads:
FORMAGGIO-​Marinara, feta, and mozzarella cheese. ​8.00​
PORTA DI BELLO-Basil pesto, white mushrooms, feta and mozzarella cheese. ​9.00​
SONOMA-Pesto, spinach, artichokes, walnuts, feta, and mozzarella cheese. ​10.00​
SPECIALE-Marinara, chorizo, prosciutto, mushroom, and mozzarella cheese. ​12.00​
GAMBERONI AL PESTO-Pesto sauce, lots of shrimp, feta and mozzarella cheese. ​13.00​
FILETTO CON PANE-Marinara, beef tenderloin, mushrooms, Bleu cheese and mozzarella cheese. ​14.00​

REUBEN-​Rye bread,1000 island, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and corned beef. ​9.00​
HAM AND CHEES-Whole wheat bread, ham and American cheese grilled. ​9.00​
PASTRAMI ON RYE-​Rye bread, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickle and thin sliced pastrami. ​9.00​
TACOS (FISH, CHICKEN OR SHRIMP)-Two double- corn tortillas filled with seasonal Mahi, chicken or shrimp, and topped with cabbage, pico, sour cream, guacamole, salsa and cheese. ​10.00​

Cheeses & Charcuterie: 
AGED GOUDA, HOLLAND-Rich, semi-firm cows milk, similar to cheddar. ​
ASIAGO, ITALY-​Skim cows milk, rich and nutty. ​
BRIE, FRANCE-​Cow’s milk, soft and slightly premature cheese. ​
DUBLINER, IRELAND-Semi-firm and cheddar like. ​
FONTINA, ITALY-Rich, nutty, herbaceous and fruity. ​
HAVARTI, DENMARK-Uniquely flavorful and smooth. ​
HERBED GOAT CHEESE, FRANCE-Creamy, herbaceous and tart. ​
JARLSBERG, NORWAY-Semi-firm mild and butter like. ​
MANCHEGO, SPAIN-Firm and full flavored. ​
PARMIGIANO REGIANO, ITALY-Hard with a very nutty finish.
SMOKED GOUDA, HOLLAND-Semi-soft with hickory flavors. ​
SOPRESSATA, ​Italian dry salami. ​
PROSCIUTTO, ​Italian dry cured ham. ​
CHORIZO, ​Spanish pork sausage with mild red pepper. ​
AGED SALAMI, ​cured age sausage. ​
PICK 2 ​- Choose any two items and served with gluten free crackers and French bread. ​10.00​
PICK 4 – ​Choose any four items and served with gluten free crackers and French bread. ​18.00​

Simple and Delicious Entrees are served with chefs selection of starch and vegetable of the day.                                                                         Add garden salad for $3
CHICKEN AL VINO DULCE-Breast of chicken sauteed with garlic, spinach and artichokes in buttery citrus Moscato sauce. ​16.00​
PORK CHOPS-Two center cut boneless chop seared, baked and glazed with a Cabernet mushroom sauce. ​18.00​                          SALMON OR SHRIMP SALAD-Baked salmon or sauteed shrimp served over mixed greens, tomato, cucumber and olives with choice of dressing. ​18.00​
SALMON-Pan seared to crispy brown, then basted with a ginger orange glaze. ​18.00​
SHRIMP AND SCALLOP SCAMP-Sauteed traditional scampi style, lemon, garlic and white wine. ​18.00​
FILET MIGNON-Beef tenderloin cooked to perfection with roasted onions and carmenere demi sauce. 7 oz.  21.00

FLOUR-LESS CHOCOLATE CAKE-Chocolate gluten free homemade cake. ​7.00​
CAYENNE CHOCOLATE CAKE-Chocolate gluten free homemade cake, spiced up with a little cayenne. ​7.00​
KEY LIME PIE-Key lime filling in a flaky crust and topped with meringue. ​7.00​
CHEESE CAKE-Ask your server for the flavor of the day ​7.00​

18% gratuity included for parties of 6 or more. $2 charge for split plates.

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